Monkey Temple (aka Swaymbhunath) in Nepal

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Extreme whitewater rafting in the sun


Nepal Culture Sirubari


Village in the Himalaya Foothills of Nepal


A group photo of the Kayak school team


Extreme whitewater rafting on the Sun Koshi


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Welcome to River and Soul

Provider of bespoke cultural and adventure tours in Nepal, but with a difference. One of the most notable aspects of Nepal is its unique culture. Its the one thing that people talk about time after time when they are recounting stories to their friends. But how many people get to truly experience the culture and how many are simply observing it?

Here at River and Soul, we believe that to truly experience a culture you must be immersed in it. That’s why you will be taken off the beaten track from secluded river beaches to the cultural serenity of Sirubari. We provide a different experience that allows you to become part of Nepal.

River and Soul is run by Callum Morrison who has a deep personal connection with Nepal. From taking part and running a Rotary International Project to guiding the many rivers, he has travelled all across Nepal giving him invaluable knowledge of the country. This coupled with his years of experience in guiding and instructing adventure sports world-wide, and his infamous skills on the ukulele, allows him to give you a unique once in a life time experience that is both full of thrills and spiritually humbling...

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River and Soul is proud to offer bespoke adventure and cultural tour packages in Nepal that can cater for all your wants and needs. You can do anything from having a professional Yoga instructor on the river with you, arranging the biggest and meanest whitewater action you have ever seen, to helping you experience Nepal's fascinating and wonderful culture.

Where is Nepal?

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Here's what people say about us:

"I spent a lot of time with Callum, the owner of River and Soul Adventures, in Nepal. Not only is he an extremely welcoming and outgoing individual, he knows his way around Nepal too. I have all the confidence in the world trusting Callum with my Nepali holiday plans...he's going to put you and your family on the worlds most scenic rivers (with the safest rafting company), and he'll point you to the best spots in town to dine and dally. River and Soul Adventures has a solid and competent captain at its helm, ready to plan your holiday outside your realm."

- Kelly Robinson

"I went on a trip organised by Callum and I had such an incredible time! We definitely created memories that will last a lifetime! Callum’s energy and dedication ensuring that everything went smoothly was very impressive and he always went above and beyond to make sure that everyone who he was ever with had a smile on their face. It was evident that Callum had substantial experience with the outdoors showing remarkable calmness and assurance whatever the situation. I am sure that anybody taking a trip with Callum will love every second of it and will look back on their adventure with great fondness."

- Adam Firth

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