"I'm having the time of my life, living the dream, and want you to join me!"

Hi there, my name is Callum Morrison and I am an Adventurer Extraordinaire! I have always had a taste for adventure, catalysed at a young age. Having caught the adventure bug, I decided to focus on a lifestyle and career around what I love doing! At University I studied Outdoor Recreation and Adventure tourism, even traveling to Nepal for research on my dissertation about the rafting industry out there. Since then I've been touring the world - making new friends, pushing my whitewater skills, and working with Rotary International. I started River and Soul so I could share these experiences with you!

"I've explored new cultures and found adventures all around the world"

My travels have taken me to explore new cultures and finding extraordinary adventures around the world from the peaceful temples in Japan to the raging torrents of the White Nile in Uganda, from the Wild West of America to the awe-inspiring beauty of New Zealand’s Fiordland, from the serenity of the Aegean Sea to the bustling cities of Europe.

My love for paddle sports has allowed me to work in many of the counties I’ve travelled. I’ve gained certifications working as a Sea kayak Guide, Whitewater Rafting and Kayak Guide, Safety Kayaker, and as a Canoe and Kayak Instructor. I’ve furthered these with Wilderness First Aid qualifications and becoming a Whitewater Rescue Technician.

"Nepal in particular has caught my heart"

Nepal in particular has caught my heart and I can always be found there in-between seasonal work. I continuously visit Nepal year after year for two main reasons: world class whitewater rivers and Rotary International.

I have kayaked all over the world and but I have never found anything like the multi-day expedition rivers of Nepal. The size of the rivers keeps me eagerly anticipating each rapid. The length of the river always makes me glad to be able to stop off on the beaches with a campfire and my trusted Ukulele.

While in Nepal I am often working on my Rotary International project helping develop schools in rural regions based around Sirubari (mostly focused on ICT). My project has been running since 2010, and we have recently got the first phase of students through all their final exams! If you would like to read more, head to the Rotary International page here.

With world class rivers and a humble, kind, and caring culture there is not a part of Nepal that does not fascinate me.