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Packing for an Expedition: What to Bring?

We love expedition adventures. They leave you with a unforgettable experiences! You immerse yourself fully into the nature, the soul and the culture of the area you’re in. Whether you’re exploring rugged jungle, barren mountain peaks or paddling wild white water rivers. Expeditions are meant to be hard, testing endurance but also, the most fun!…

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Rivers of Nepal: Sun Koshi Rafting - Nepal Adventure Tour

White Water Rafting in Nepal

White water rafting in Nepal is some of the best rafting in the world! With world class rapids in the tallest mountain range on earth, there is nothing not to love white water rafting here. From half day sessions to full 10 day expeditions, Nepal has something for everyone. What is White water Rafting? A…

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Beat the Bugs: 10 Tips to help you stay healthy in Nepal

Nepal is a country filled with adventure, culture, incredible food and even more incredible people. It’s a land made for those seeking adventure, thrills and wilderness. So it’s no surprise so many of us end up feeling the pull of Nepal at some point. As much as the country is beautiful, it is still very…

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Listen to your guide

Why you should always listen to your guide

I’ve run hundreds of trips and tours, and been on hundreds too. If there is one piece of advice I could give about being on a tour is, to ALWAYS follow your guide’s advice! There are so many reasons why you should do this. But I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5 reasons why…

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Everest Lake Trek

7 Reasons Why You Should Still Visit Nepal

As most people around the world are aware, on April 25th 2015, Nepal was shaken by an earthquake that measured over 7.8 magnitude on the richter scale. This disaster of colossal proportion was then followed by a large aftershock on May 12th, again bringing much of Nepal to a standstill. Now, many people are wondering…

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Lets Talk Shit - Nepal Toilet

Lets Talk Shit…

Poo. Poop. Stool. Feces. Ass Snake. Corn-eyed brown trout. Shit. So many names. Some childish, some vulgar, and some downright rude! It’s the one thing that we all do and yet one thing that no one really ever wants to talk about. It’s funny how society is built, to ignore and repulse something that is…

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