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River and Soul – For a different experience...

River and Soul is dedicated to providing high quality custom-made adventures to Nepal. The country has some of the most exciting whitewater, extraordinary culture, and unbelievable mountains that are to be found anywhere on Earth. We do our best to give you a stress-free trip that will stand out in your memories for the rest of your lives.

For our clients, we do everything. From a fully comprehensive Quotation Pack, with tips and tricks about travel, to meeting you at arrival at Kathmandu Airport. From travel tip updates to an all inclusive tour. We are here to give you one of the best, if not the best, holiday that you have ever experienced. 

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Through Callum, River and Soul is dedicated to helping and improving the education for people in Nepal. As a member of Rotary International, we work on projects that create a better education system and facilities in remote rural areas of Nepal. Our current project is growing ever bigger than we ever imagined. Partnering with Microsoft and bringing Nepalese students on an exchange trip to the UK in 2019 are just some of the exciting features of projects currently taking place. Read more about Callum’s work with Rotary International here.

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Enviroment and working with Locals

We understand that our planet's environment is very delicate and needs protecting. River and Soul does its best to have as little impact as possible. From using bio-degradable soap wash ourselves and our pots and pans to team clean sweeps at every camp to make sure that we leave nothing behind.

River and Soul also partners with local organisations, companies, and guides so that we contribute as much as possible to the local economy. This also means that you get a truly Nepali experience. Virtually all the food we eat on tour is bought at local markets or grown in the villages we stay at. Most of our river guides are from Nepal and grew up along the banks of the river or in the mountains that they now work on. This gives them a specialist in-depth knowledge of the river, mountains, and the local area allowing them to keep our clients safe, while at the same time showing them spectacular sights that are rarely seen by the outside.