The Karnali is by far our favourite expedition river in Nepal. Located in the wild west of Nepal, the Karnali is one of Nepal’s largest and most remote rivers and offers a bit of everything in it.

The Karnali is by far my favourite expedition trip in Nepal. Located in the wild west of Nepal, the Karnali is one of Nepal’s largest and most remote rivers. It is one of my most favourite rivers because it has a bit of everything in it.

The first half of the trip has superb white-water action with famous rapids such as ‘Morning Dump’ and ‘God’s House’ and a brilliant 7km gorge that sucks you in at one end and spits you out at the other! The second half of the trip is far more relaxed as it settles down in to more moderate and gentle rapids, eventually breaking out into wide expanse to simply float down. There are brilliant white beaches all the way along to camp at, some being merely 50m wide to some being a few hundred meters.

Not only a gem for whitewater action, the remote nature of this river means that it is filled with pristine jungle allowing paddlers a good chance of spotting the abundant wild life such as deer, Jackals, Monkeys, Mongoose, and maybe even a tiger or small brown bear. All this together makes this a must do in Nepal.

However because if its remoteness there is a 20 hour bus ride to the river, but if you come on tour with us we'll fly you there! We highly recommend flying. Faster, probably safer, and defiantly more comfortable. It is full of spectacular views and finishes with being picked up by the bus and a final drive to the river.

Rafting down a giant gorge in Nepal

River Info

Class: -IV/V

Duration: 8 days

Journey to the river: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepaljung and then drive to the Put-in.

Rafting From: Sauli

Rafting To: Chisopani

Return: Fly from Nepaljung to Kathmandu.

Volume in November: 300cms (10,500 cfs) approx.

Best season: Oct-Nov or end of March - June

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Wildlife in Nepal: Rhinos

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