Sirubari Cultural Experience

Sirubari is without doubt one of the most attractive villages in Nepal, and our personal favourite. It is a compact farming community that is warm, colourful, and very welcoming filled with friendly and enthusiastic people.

For years people have come to visit Nepal for its rafting, temples, and trekking. But the real attraction for visitors has always been the people and culture. Sirubari offers an experience truly from within, not just observing from the outside, as you are literally welcomed into people’s homes.

Upon arriving, there is a sudden loud and quirky sound as the local band strike up to announce your arrival to all. A precession is created as you are taken to the main hall to be presented with flower neck-laces, have a quick dance, and are taken to your host family. This is the house where you shall be staying for the next couple days and the family there will become an extension of your own family. Attending to your every need as they serve you copious amounts of tea throughout the day and delicious local cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Recipes that have been passed down from mother to daughter for generations.

There are a number of different activates to do throughout the day, such as visit one of the local schools in the area, take a day trek to the top of a mountain, take part in a cultural event, and rest in the serenity that is Sirubari. The highlight is defiantly the evening cultural dances where the whole community shows up to dance and sing – you are encouraged to join in!

Sirubari is located in the Syangja district southwest of Pokahar.

The village is on the south-facing slope at 1,700m above sea level meaning that it enjoys long sunny days with spectacular sun rises and sun sets.

The houses are mostly built from local materials but are well constructed and comfortable, with stoned paved foot trails all through the village.

By 4x4 it is 4 hours from Pokhara, or there is the option to stop off on the way back from the Kali Gandaki.

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