Bespoke Tours

Looking for something more than what our suggested itineraries are offering?
We can tailor any tour to your needs or, create your own unique adventure!

To help us create your unique adventure, first have a look at rivers of Nepal, Our Cultural Experience, and Tour Add-ons sections. Next, send us a message using the contact form opposite and we will get back to you to discuss you dream adventure!

Please try to include the as much of the following information as possible for us to begin creating your tour:

• The main focus of your tour (adrenaline, culture, touring).
• Dates of travel - are these dates flexible?
• General fitness level and age range of your group.
• River(s) are you interested in paddling.
• Previous experience (if any) of Rafting/Kayaking.
• Private or Open Group adventure?

Feel free to let us know about any extra activities, unique experiences, or personal requests that you feel would make your tour complete. Our team can work wonders and we will do our best to make your dream adventure possible.

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