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Responsible Travel

Here at River and Soul Adventures we care about the country we work in and about the people we employ. We practice responsible travel in all aspects of our business, from the guides we use, to the food we eat; we try to ensure we give back to the communities and areas we work in. On tour we will encourage our clients to follow responsible travel principles from suggesting biodegradable soaps to refusing plastic bags. Our local guides in Nepal are paid well and fairly, we use locally owned and run hotels and eat in local restaurants using produce from the country.


Minimizing our impact and maximizing our give back means we can continue to visit the places that, inspire and excite not just us, but our clients too, year after year!

The Environment

Pack raft on the river

We understand that our planet's envrionment is very delicate and needs protecting. Following the 'leave no trace' practices we want to leave the environments the same, or better than we found them! All litter is carried out with us and disposed of correctly, we encourage the use of reusable bags not plastic and do full sweeps before leaving campsites, lunch spots and scenic hang outs. On the river we encourage you to use environmentally friendly, biodegradable soaps and cleaners to save the chemicals going into the river. Bringing your own water bottle with filter will save using plastic bottles which currently cannot be recycled in Nepal. All these are small, easy methods to practice but they make a big difference and allow us to come back year after year to the beautiful spots we work in.

Working with Locals

River Guide

The people are the soul of Nepal and the locals here have more knowledge, stories and teachings of Nepal than we ever could and that's why we use them. Giving back not just to the environment but the people as well. For day tours we use local guides, our hotels are independent & locally run, we eat in restaurants run by locals and ensure we buy our food from local vendors. Our river guides are all Nepali and some of the best river guides in the country, as well as the best cooks! We pay them well and fairly for the work they do and ensure they are having just as good a time as we are. Our homestay is possible through our charity connections and over the years has become our home away from home. River and Soul would not be possible without the people of Nepal and we find them invaluable members of the team!

Giving Back

We work hard to protect the environment and work with the locals for our tours but it doesn't stop when the tour ends. Outside of our tours River and Soul Adventures partner with Rotary International to help improve the rural communities in Nepal. We provide technology to rural schools and communities, encourage sustainable changes by offering micro loans for business start ups in rural communities, goat banks to boost the local economy, developing community internet and more. By giving back more than we take away we not only see the beauty of the country, but we see it grow! To read more about what we do head over to our Charity Page for more info!

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