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What is Rotary?

Rotary International is a worldwide association of business and professional people dedicated both to serving others and to encouraging high ethical standards in business. For over 100 years it has been delivering individual and corporate social responsibility around the world through a network of Clubs in which the development of friendship stimulates and encourages involvement in fund-raising and personal service. The business networking opportunities not only promote business, but enable more funds and in-kind support to be raised for the many local and international good causes that so badly need our help.

The motto of Rotary is "Service above Self". Wherever in the world there is a problem, a need, a disaster or an opportunity you will find a local Rotary Club that can ensure the support provided from clubs many thousands of miles away is properly used.

Callum is part of the Harrogate Brigantes Rotary Club:

Find out more about Rotary International here

Our Project in Nepal

Callum has been part of the Nepal project since 2013. The vision is to raise literacy levels and reduce poverty in remote valley areas by investing in better education and complementary economic regeneration measures. We are doing this by installing full computer suites in schools and working with the teachers to help ensure best practice.

Rotary have two teams that go out each year – an audit team and a project team. The audit team is to gather information about the schools; to see how they are doing, the marks of the students, if there are any particular issues that need to be addressed. The project team then go on to implement the hardware such as laptops, solar panels and batteries. They also train the teachers to work with this new technology and give the best possible education to the students. This project has been running for 6 years,and so far we have helped over a dozen schools.

Because of this project, all those involved felt a shock-wave as the Earthquakes hit in 2015. Many of our friends were and still are effected by the quakes that hit and destroyed many parts of Nepal. We felt duty bound to help the people of Nepal in any way we could. We started raising money for projects to help rebuild schools and their facilities such as toilets and volley ball courts. Rotary managed to raise £15,000 - £10,000 of this was during a single gala dinner.

Project Timeline Summary


First Rotary Foundation Matching Grant awarded for 2 schools, total value £16k

Areas where we have helped:
  • Provide and install fully-powered computer suits in schools
  • Improving local school education system
  • Micro loan project
  • Providing Internet
    Build school play yards (volleyball courts etc.)
  • Rebuild entire school buildings from earthquake
  • Rebuild school sanitation facilities (toilets, running taps, etc.)

Want to get involved?

Drop us a line to find out more or if you want to get involved!

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