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"River and Soul offer a truly unique adventure that immerses you into Nepal's beauty and allows you to delve deeper into it's culture. The guides, Callum and Janey, are clearly in love with this gorgeous corner of the world and provide the best experience introducing you to all that Nepal has to offer. From the magnificent mountains, wildlife and most welcoming people.

I went on the Best of Both tour which shows off Nepal's highlights. This includes relaxed city tours, home stays in Sirubari and free time, as well white water rafting and day treks which are tailored to all abilities (I am not the fittest person but this did not hold me back). It is hard for me to pick my favourite aspect of this tour but I particularly enjoyed waking up on the beaches before a new day of rafting and also being welcomed into the homes of the most hospitable hosts in Sirubari. River and Soul also organised a Himalayan flight tour and paragliding as extras for me, which I thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend."

- Kirsty, U.K.

"Hi Callum,

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to you and Janey for doing a great job with our trip. I was going over our time and was thinking of just how everything was handled in high style, from the Hiase vehicle , to the A/C 4x4s , to our accommodations . All very nice touches that went a long way.

I hope that your continued travels are great. "

- Pete, U.S.A.

"I spent a lot of time with Callum, the owner of River and Soul Adventures, in Nepal. Not only is he an extremely welcoming and outgoing individual, he knows his way around Nepal too. I have all the confidence in the world trusting Callum with my Nepali holiday plans...he's going to put you and your family on the worlds most scenic rivers (with the safest rafting company), and he'll point you to the best spots in town to dine and dally. River and Soul Adventures has a solid and competent captain at its helm, ready to plan your holiday outside your realm."

- Kelly Robinson, USA

"I went on a trip organised by Callum and I had such an incredible time! We definitely created memories that will last a lifetime! Callum’s energy and dedication ensuring that everything went smoothly was very impressive and he always went above and beyond to make sure that everyone who he was ever with had a smile on their face. It was evident that Callum had substantial experience with the outdoors showing remarkable calmness and assurance whatever the situation. I am sure that anybody taking a trip with Callum will love every second of it and will look back on their adventure with great fondness."

- Adam Firth, U.K.

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