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Whitewater Rafting Myth Buster

Whitewater Rafting Myth Buster

Whitewater rafting is amazing. Paddling hard has a team, battling your way down the river, adrenaline racing through your body and then coming out the other side to some calm flat water to sunbath and go for a swim. Everyone who goes whitewater rafting loves it! There are many whitewater rafting myths spread about. And…

Everest Flight Experience

Everest Flight Experience

Soaring above the Himalayan range you’re handed a booklet, open it up and begin to read. Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world is just about to approach and a moment you never thought happen, is about to appear in your window. The Everest Flight experience is one of the best optional activities to…

Comfortable Adventure Feature image

What Is Comfortable Adventure?

Adventure’s meaning is described as “an unusual, exciting and possibly dangerous activity.” Comfortable is often described as something which is done at ease, causing minimal physical strain. It is rare that adventure and comfortable go together in a sentence. But at River and Soul Adventures, we are creating a new type of holiday. A comfortable…

whitewater rafting in nepal

Five Reasons to go Whitewater Rafting in Nepal

Whitewater rafting in Nepal, it isn’t always the first adventure activity you think of when you think of Nepal. Trekking is super popular in Nepal, it’s well promoted, easily accessible and open to pretty much everyone. So why whitewater rafting? We will give you some wicked reasons in a minute but first you should know,…

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