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Food on Tour

When on tour in Nepal the food is just as thrilling an experience as the adventure is and we want to make sure it's the best! While on tour we will encourage you to try the wonderful flavours of Nepal, locally grown and sourced fruits and vegetables and the delicious home cooked meals offered to you. On the rivers all your meals are included and there will always be a mixture of traditional Nepali campfire cooking as well as classic western staples. At the homestays you'll be immersed in the local cusine. Back in the cities you can find your home comforts from Pizza and Steak to Ice cream and Cake.  We will cater to any and all food requirements as long as they are known to us in advance.

On the River

River meals are cooked by our local Nepali guides and you're always promised a hearty meal!

Breakfast: Expect eggs, pancakes, potatoes, toast, muesli, porridge, omelettes, and fruit. With multiple jams, spreads and peanut butter.

Lunch: Choose from foods such as pasta, salads, tuna, baked beans, cheeses, salami, biscuits, crisps, bread, fried rice and fruit.

Dinner: Chow down on garlic bread, french fries, Dhal Bhat, chicken curry, mashed potato, Buffalo steak, chilli, Bolognaise, custard, rice pudding, fruit salad, popcorn and prawn crackers.

We certainly won't let you go hungry on white water rafting trips! If you have any requests, dietary requirements, itolerances or allergies please do let us know in advance. We will cater to any and all preferences so long as you let us know.

In the Cities

The cities have everything from the Nepali staples of Dhal Bhatt to home comforts such as Pizza and Pasta. When we are in Pokhara and Kathmandu it is your free time to explore, our guides will recommend their favorite restaurants, street vendors and snack stores to help you choose.

Breakfast will always be included at the hotel and there will be a variety of cereals, sausages, eggs, pancakes and fruit to choose from.

Most restaurants will have different meal options for Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free. Just ask if you're not sure.

At the Homestays

Sirubari is a more traditional village and so lunch and dinner will almost certainly be Dhal Bhatt with a variety of meats, vegetables and lentils. While breakfast can be a range of things varying between eggs, pancakes, beaten rice, spiced potatoes, and popped corn!

Tea or Chiya is always available any time night and day and often come with biscuits!

Most of the food you eat here is locally grown in their vegetable gardens and community fields or from the surrounding area. All the food is grown and sourced in Nepal and although it might not have too much variety, it's delicious!

The hosts will do their best to cater to dietary requirements, intolerance's and allergies so long as we know far in advance.

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