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River Boats

The paddle raft is what you will be in!

They consist of 6 to 8 seats and are fully inflatable! Don't worry though, they are made of a rugged material that will easily bounce off rocks without popping!

You sit on the outside tube and have your feet wedged in the inside tubes. Everyone holds a paddle. You work as a team and listen to your guide's commands to navigate your way down the rapids.

These rafts are  'self-bailing'. This means that there are holes in the floor that allow water to drain out. If they weren't there then the raft would fill with water adn sink!

Paddle Raft

Extreme white water rafting - Nepal Adventure Tour

Pack Raft / Kit Raft

Pack Raft

This is the raft that has most of the kit on it.

Whitewater Rafting trips are self sufficient - meaning that we take with us everything that we need! This raft will be packed full of food, drinking water, tents, sleeping bags, cookers, stoves and gas.

You'll notice that this raft doesn't have anyone paddling. It only has one rower in the middle using giant oars. This is the standard practice for Pack Rafts.

Because it has so much important kit on the raft, it was take the easy channels down the rapids and avoid major river features. This means that it is some times called the 'Safety Raft'. Anyone who is getting a bit too nervous on the Paddle Raft can hop on over the this raft and have a more relaxed time on the river.



Cata Raft is just a different type of Pack Raft.

Cata is short for Catamaran. This raft is made up of two long pointed inflatable tubes which are strapped to a metal frame. This frame makes raft sturdy and capable of holding lots of equiptment. You'll often find these types of rafts on the longer expeditions since they can normally carry more gear.


Cata Raft

Kata Raft

Safety Kayaks

Binod the Safety Kayaker

These are the happiest guys on the river!

The Safety Kayaks are there to keep you safe. They will head down the rapids first and tell the raft guide which way to go.

If you fall out of the raft, you will likely be picked up by one of these nimble guys who can quickly get to wherever they are needed. Simply hold onto the back of the kayaks and kick with your feet and you'll be back at the raft in no time!

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