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Your Safety Is Our Highest Priority

River and Soul Adventures strives to keep you as safe as possible whilst on tour in Nepal. Staying safe means having more fun and is taken seriously on all River and Soul tours.

Nepal is a developing country and the safety standards in place for adventure activities are developing with it. This means that for many activities, including water sports, there are few minimum safety conditions enforced by any official body in Nepal. This makes it very important for you to choose a professional tour company that you can trust to keep you safe.

Participating in Adventure activities is a lot of fun but it does come with possible risks. However, with strong risk management systems and emergency procedures in place, we do everything we can to minimize the risks involved. Meaning you can fully enjoy the thrill of your Nepalese Adventure!

River and Soul Adventures is owned and operated by Callum and Janey. With 15 years of combined experience living and working in the adventure travel industry Callum and Janey understand the risks, needs and requirements to run a fun, safe, successful tour. Working all over the world they have brought the best practices and international safety standards to River and Soul Adventures and we enforce them on all our tours. 

What we do to keep you safe:

Our Guides

River and Soul uses both Western and Nepalese guides.

All our tours are lead by western guides. Not only are they full of fun and whit, they also bring the knowledge and understanding of western safety standards. They'll also help you bridge the gap between east and west with their understanding of the Nepalese culture. You can be sure that you are in safe hands with our tour leaders.

We use Nepalese guides throughout all our tours. Hilarious, knowledgeable and dedicated. They play an essential role on all tours from guiding rafts, showing you the routes through the mountains and sharing their knowledge. They can also speak Nepalese perfectly, so you can be sure they will keep you safe.

Getting pumped to go rafting

In general on our Tours:

  • River and Soul have a high guide to client ratio so that we have enough people on hand to help if needed.
  • We always use private vehicles for our transport. 4x4 vehicles are on hand whenever required.
  • All River and Soul guides have up to date high level First Aid qualifications.
  • River and Soul groups carry an extensive Group First Aid Kit.
  • River and Soul has extensive emergency procedures set in place and on file. 
  • Our guides have copies of up to date emergency contacts throughout Nepal. These include: client details, embassies, hospitals, helicopters, police and other local authorities. 
  • Guides follow weather forecasts while on tour and keep aware of changes as they develop
  • River and Soul guides carry emergency mobile phones on them. These will always have charge and enough credit for any situation.
Harkapur 2 Sun Koshi White Water Rafting - Nepal Adventure Tour

On the Water:

  • Our equipment is of an international standard.
  • We will use modern self-bailing rafts.
  • We provide every client with good quality buoyancy aids (life-jackets) and helmets.
  • We carry back-up equipment including extra paddles, oars, and repair kits on every trip.
  • Without exception, we will always have the correct amount of safety kaykers on each trip.
  • At the beginning of all white water trips we have a comprehensive Safety Briefing explaining what you need to know and how to keep safe when on the river.
  • We have a very high ratio of staff to clients.
  • Our guides follow strict hygienic food preparations and sanitation policies.
  • All Nepalese river guides are registered with the Nepal Association of Rafting Agents (NARA)
  • All Nepalese river guides have current first-aid certificates.
  • All Nepalese river guides have International River Guide and International White Water Safety accreditations.

In the Mountains:

  • We use local guides on all treks with invaluable knowledge of the local area and trekking route.
  • Nepal can be an incredibly hot country to trek in, so our guides will carry backpacks with extra water, re-hydration solutions, food and clothing.
  • No treks will take place if the weather conditions are not suitable.
  • 4x4 Vehicles on standby for support if necessary.
  • Some of our trekking routes are not regularly travelled. In these cases a River and Soul Guide will trek the route before the tour to make sure it is suitable and safe.
  • River and Soul guides have Mountain Leader training.

Travel Insurance

For all River and Soul holidays you must provide your own comprehensive travel insurance. We require a copy of policy information before you arrive in Nepal.

Health and safety is the basis of every trip River and Soul run. However, we are running extreme activities in a 3rd world country. This creates a higher than normal level of risk and therefore we require all participants in our trips to have personal travel insurance.

We have partnered with World Nomads who are world leading providers of adventure travel insurance. They are able to provide suitable cover throughout Nepal. We highly recommend them.

Click here to read more on our Travel Insurance Page


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