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Out of Office Adventures: A Weekend in the Yorkshire Dales

Out Of Office Adventures: A Weekend in the Yorkshire Dales

Time to put the computers down and turn our phones off, this weekend we spent it camping in the beautiful, Yorkshire Dales with Callum’s family. Packing up our bags and tent it took around 4 hours on the train from Glasgow to the small hamlet of Dent. This beautiful little hamlet is nestled into the…

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Out of Office Adventures_Ben Lomand

Out of Office Adventures: Day up Ben Lomand

Another day out of the office and into the Scottish highlands! Janey and I have tried to get up Ben Lomand twice before. The first time I was recovering after a recent operation on my shoulder and didn’t have enough time to get up so we turned down early. The second time we tried it…

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Out of Office Adventures - Wild comping on Isle of Arran

Out of Office Adventures: Wild Camping on Isle of Arran

The sun had been shining all week, heat records had been broken all over the UK and we were eager to get out on an adventure! After talking to some friends about a route they had recently done, and confirmed that there would be fresh running water, we decided to head out to the Isle…

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Weekend Adventures

Out of Office Adventures: A Birthday celebrated outdoors.

From the office to the mountains in three and half hours! And, with daylight still in the horizon. This weekend it was River and Soul Adventures own director and guides birthday! To celebrate in true Callum style, we packed our bags, hired a car and hit the road. Leaving the office behind, the laptops at…

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Janey in Pakistan

Meet Janey!

Guide and Co-Owner of River and Soul Adventures, you’ll see me around from time to time (i.e. all the time)! I’ll be the small, smiley, Scottish (lacking the accent) girl taking you into the wilds of Nepal on one of our many adventures. So I thought it was only fair to introduce myself to you…

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Callum Morrison

Meet Callum!

Hi everyone, my name is Callum and I like to think of myself as an Adventurer Extraordinaire! I’ve always had a taste for adventure, catalysed at a young age from travelling and sailing all over Europe with my family. Having caught the adventure bug, I decided to pursue a lifestyle and career around what I…

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Ben Narnain Summit

What do our guides get up to when not on-tour? Vol. 1

We’ve set up this series of picture posts to show you what guide life is like when no ‘on-tour’. Since we currently only run trips to Nepal in Spring and Autumn our guides have a lot of free time. So what do they do?? Well they don’t just sit on their arse all day that’s…

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