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Everest Flight Experience

Soaring above the Himalayan range you’re handed a booklet, open it up and begin to read. Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world is just about to approach and a moment you never thought happen, is about to appear in your window. The Everest Flight experience is one of the best optional activities to add on to your time in Nepal!

For years people have spent their savings, took time off work and went through grueling exercise regimes to prepare themselves for the climb up Mt Everest. The famous response to why people want to climb Mt Everest, ‘because it’s there’. While many of us will struggle to understand the reasoning behind it, the romantic thought of standing on top of the world exhilarates us all! Pairing up with Yeti Airlines we are here to say that you may not be standing on top of the world, but you’ll get within five nautical miles of Mt Everest, which is closer than most will ever get!

Everest Experience Flight

Before The Everest Experience Flight

Staying in your luxury hotel in Kathmandu you’ll wake up early and be transferred to Kathmandu international airport. The Everest experience flight leaves from here at around 0630 am taking you on a tour of the Himalayas. Before you take off check in, collect your tickets and booklet. Make sure your camera is at the ready and any bags you are taking on the flight with you are small enough to be stored, if not, make sure your camera is not in there! Trust us, you do not want to fly around Everest without a camera in hand.

Yeti Airlines only fly small planes and so on your flight everyone will have a window seat and you will be sharing the journey with around 30 people, maximum. Before you board the weather will be checked, don’t worry if it’s raining and cloudy in Kathmandu. Once out the valley and in the Himalayan range your views on the Everest experience flight will be incredible!

During The Flight

No grueling exercise required, sit back and relax as the plane takes off and gains height over the valley. Once out of the valley the Himalayan range are in view. In the booklet you got at check in, it opens up into a mountainscape with the names of each mountain including some facts. During the Everest experience flight everyone will get a chance to visit the captain in the cockpit. On the way out to Everest, those on the right hand side can visit the fully glass cockpit and enjoy the views. When the plane turns just above Everest, those on the left hand side of the plane can visit the cockpit.

Your Everest experience flight is made better by the knowledgeable and helpful staff on the plane. They will explain and point out the mountains throughout your flight to make sure you get the best experience possible. To top it all off, be treated to a complimentary glass of champagne as you watch Mt Everest from the window. Not many people can say they’ve sipped champagne whilst flying around Mt Everest!

After The Flight

On returning to Kathmandu before you leave the plane everyone will get a certificate from the flight as well as a beautiful picture of the Himalayan range to take home. Now back in Kathmandu at 0730 am you will be transferred back to your beautiful hotel just in time for breakfast! A perfect place to boast, upload and show off the amazing pictures of the views and Mt Everest you saw from the plane!

The Everest experience flight is an activity we LOVE and highly recommend all out clients book as an attachment to their tour. Mount Everest is the world’s biggest mountain and it is a once in a lifetime experience to fly so close to that massive mountain. If you want a taster of just what the Everest experience flight is like, check out the video from Yeti Airlines below!

If you’d like to add the Everest Flight Experience on to your tour, give us a call on +44 (0) 1423 593293 or email us at

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