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What do our guides get up to when not on-tour? Vol. 1

We’ve set up this series of picture posts to show you what guide life is like when no ‘on-tour’. Since we currently only run trips to Nepal in Spring and Autumn our guides have a lot of free time. So what do they do??

Well they don’t just sit on their arse all day that’s for sure!

We’ve set up this series of posts to show you what guide life is like when no ‘on-tour’. Whether its whitewater rafting or kayaking, hiking up a mountain, having a multi-day camping tour, or just having some fun. They are always out and about doing stuff! Being based up in Scotland helps. There are so many cool adventures to be had! Currently its mostly about going up mountains and playing in the snow! Check out these photos to see what they get up to:


Ben Lomand
Janey and Callum enjoying a Hike up Ben Lomand

Janey Going up the Cobbler
Janey going up the Cobbler

The Cobbler
the Cobbler in the sun and snow

Ben Narnain Summit
Callum and Janey Summitting Ben Narnain with some friends.

Callum descending Ben Macdui
Callum on his way down from Ben Macdui – Scotland’s second highest mountian

Taking Ellie for a dog walk
Janey taking Ellie for a ‘gentle stroll’ in the Cairngorms…

General Fun

Log Cabin Get-away
Cairngorm log cabin retreat with Ellie the dog!

Callum getting Oscar Best Speech Award
Callum was awarded Best Speaker Oscar at the local business meeting!

Festival of the Dead
Getting ready for the festival of the dead party! Why so serious???

Snow Man
Callum’s snowman – he got named Olaf….


Turkey Hot Air Ballon ride

Janey and Pakistan Eagle
Janey has had some pretty awesome aventures of her own! Here she was on a tour of Pakistan and Turkey! Its too much fit it in this post so keep your eyes peeled for a future post! If your can’t wait then click here to go to Janey’s blog and read about it first hand!

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