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Lets Talk Shit…

Poo. Poop. Stool. Feces. Ass Snake. Corn-eyed brown trout. Shit.

So many names. Some childish, some vulgar, and some downright rude! It’s the one thing that we all do and yet one thing that no one really ever wants to talk about. It’s funny how society is built, to ignore and repulse something that is so common and natural. Well here in this article we shall glorify it!

For any multiday guide, poo and knowledge of it can be a very valuable resource. Poo can tell you so much about a person. It can tell you if they are sick, dehydrated, have internal bleeding. It can also tell you if they are missing anything out of your diet such as fibre.

Bristol Stool Scale

Fortunately there are charts and scales that help explain. One of the simplest is the Bristol Stool Scale. According to this there are 7 types of stools:

Bristol Stool Chart

Types 1 – 2: indicate constipation
Types 3 – 5: considered to be normal
Type 6 –` 7: considered abnormal and indicate diarrhoea

What does poo mean?

If your poo changes suddenly one way or another it is a signal that something inside you isn’t right and needs fixing. Types 1 – 2 for example probably mean your low on fibre – so bulk up your diet with fruit, veg, whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds!

In terms of hydration types 1 – 2 could be caused by someone not drinking enough water in the first place. The guide would have to check how much water they have drunk over the last couple days. Type 6 – 7 means that someone is losing a lot of water and fast. Therefore the guide would have to make sure they are drinking enough water until the diarrhoea stops.

Poo can quite often change colour too! The colour of poo is impacted by the foods you eat and the kind of bacteria living in your colon. Western food and drink in particular is full of colourings. So just changing your diet may change the colour of your poo. This is quite a normal and natural change and nothing to worry about UNLESS it is black or bloody. If a stool is black or bloody this can indicate internal bleeding, cancer or some other problem with your digestive system. SO GET CHECKED OUT PRONTO!!!

Floaters – the bane to any toilet flush! There’s always one that will never go down and you have to run way hoping no one will spot that you are the perpetrator. But generally in health terms they are nothing to worry about, unless they happen often. It’s normally just because you have been eating beans or sprouts or large meals and gas is caught up inside. However if they are constant or very frequent then it may mean that there’s something stopping your body absorbing fats from food. This could be something as simple as a food allergy or an infection. It’s always best to get checked out.

Who knew that talking shit could hold so many secrets?! And we’ve only just squidged (ew!) the surface. So don’t be surprised or shy away when our guides have the ‘poo talk’ at the start of trips. It’s a regular part to the start of all our trips and our guides always enjoy the awkward squirms, red faces and laughs!

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