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Meet Janey!

Guide and Co-Owner of River and Soul Adventures, you’ll see me around from time to time (i.e. all the time)! I’ll be the small, smiley, Scottish (lacking the accent) girl taking you into the wilds of Nepal on one of our many adventures. So I thought it was only fair to introduce myself to you all!


As a curious person, adventure pretty much runs in my veins. I’ve travelled to over 30 countries (and counting), saying yes to new adventures along the way. From mountain climbing and hiking to white water rafting and sea kayaking, I love being outdoors and active! I worked and lived in New Zealand for 15 months, where Callum and I met (but that’s a story for another time)! During that time I worked for a Kayaking company in Milford Sound, a Mountain bike guide in Te Anau and toured the country! When I began heading back to the UK, I became PADI Rescue Diver Certified in the Gili Islands. Swimming in crystal clear waters with sharks and turtles was bliss! All over the world I’ve climbed mountains, large and small, it’s one of my favourite things to do and in summer 2018 I’ll be doing my Mountain Leader course.

So rest assured, I liked to think you’re safe in my adventurous hands!

I keep all my adventures, photos and videos up to date on my travel blog, Little Wanderlust Stories. This blog helped give me a small income while travelling to keep me going. Writing and telling stories of adventure are some of my passions, so check it out to keep up!


Nepal was the first country I ever visited on my own and it completely blew my mind! Flying into Kathmandu Nepal, a country I was going to spend six weeks in, greeted me with a glimpse of Everest’s summit on arrival. Living with a local family, volunteering at orphanages and schools, while also exploring the country, the six weeks flew by! Safe to say I was sad to say goodbye in the end, leaving my new family and friends behind. That was back in 2012 and it’s ignited my travel bug big time. Since then, the country has always been a place I’ve held close to my heart. My aim while you’re on tour with River and Soul, is to help you see Nepal the way I did all those years ago. A beautiful and mighty place where the wilds truly still breathe!

Want to know more? Here’s 5 things you may (or may not) want to know about me!

1) I have a small obsession with Peanut butter. I’m almost positive I could say it’s my favourite food.
2) Any colour that resembles a purple, is my favourite colour. It’s also a really fun word to say!
3) Pakistan was the last country I’ve recently travelled to and while hiking there I had my first experience of Altitude Sickness. It sucked.
4) My favourite band right now is Lights. They are Canadian and she is a badass, seriously, listen to them!
5) I will try pretty much everything once for example, I was guilt tripped into jumping the biggest bungee jump in NZ! I ended up loving it but.. that’s not the point!

River and Soul Adventures places a big emphasis on charity work and getting involved with local people. Both myself and Callum want to make our presence in the country beneficial and useful to those that live there, instead of taking too much away. Which is why we value using local hotels, companies and guides. I origionally went to Nepal on a volunteer project which really immersed me into the local culture and way of life. Since then I’ve worked on projects all over the world, most recently, teaching English to Buddhists monks and under privileged children and adults in Laos. Since returning to the UK I’m heavily involved in the Rotaract Club, focusing on issues in our local communities as well as worldwide.

Janey in Nepal

I can’t wait to head back to Nepal, where it all started! Being outdoors, meeting new people and wild adventures are all my favourite things! I can’t wait to introduce you all to the incredible country, that is Nepal!


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