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Our Five Must Eat Foods of Nepal

Food is a universal link, we all need to eat and for most of us, we love to eat! When you travel the world you try new things, one of those new things you try will always be the food. The food of Nepal is a vibrant mixture of different cuisines from all over Asia. Not only that, but Nepal’s climate is so unique; varying from below sea level to the highest mountain in the world. There is a wide range of produce here. From sweet to savory, vegan to meaty, there is something for everyone and we are here to say. Try as much, if not all of it. But if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and not sure where to start, here are five must try foods of Nepal that you absolutely cannot miss.

1. Momo’s

Hands down the greatest food ever invented, the Momo will always leave you wanting more. In a good way! No food of Nepal gets better than this. Momo’s are everyone’s cup of tea, whether you want a meaty one, a veggie one or a sweet one, there’s something for everyone! Thought to have come to Nepal from Tibet the filling is often enclosed inside the Momo and served with a chili or soy dip. There are two different types of Momo; steamed and fried. We might be bias, but steamed is the best and most common version of the Momo in Nepal. There are various designs, some will be flat with a shell like pattern on the top. Others will be the more traditional, ball packages and tied at the top. You’ll find Momo served all over Nepal, so get some rupees ready and find this delicious food of Nepal immediately!

The Best Food of Nepal

2. Sel Roti

It looks like a doughnut but it’s not! This sweet treat of Nepal is deep fried goodness in a pan. Originating from the Indian Subcontinent, it is most commonly devoured during Hindu festivals but commonly found on the streets of Kathmandu and the rural regions of Nepal. The dough is fried in hot oil or ghee in a circular design until golden brown. Once ready, the fried rings are removed and covered in sugar. Best served nice and warm, so don’t wait to eat! They are also perfect to stock up on for adventures as they can be kept for up to 20 days. We always carry these on our expedition trips for a good pick me up! The food of Nepal is great and Sel Roti is the best sweet dough you’ll have!

Food of Nepal

3. Dal Bhat

If you’re looking for traditional Nepali food, it doesn’t get anymore traditional than this. Dal Bhat is the staple food out here in Nepal, some love it, some don’t. But we do love it. The simplicity of the dish shouldn’t be overlooked because the flavors are definitely not simple. Dal Bhat is traditionally rice and lentils but now it is much more than that. Often cooked with various types of lentils, spinach, spiced pickles, potatoes (Aloo) and various meat options. It is a hearty meal designed to fill you up and give you energy for the day. Once flavored with the amazing spices and herbs found in Nepal it’s delicious! When you get above 2000m in Nepal rice becomes harder to find as it doesn’t grow well in altitude. So it’s often replaced with maize, buckwheat, barley or millet in some occasions the rice part is scrapped all together and instead served with Roti. Roti is a type of flat bread which is salted and goes perfectly with curries, lentils and spinach! Dal Bhat is super cheap.
So if you’re on a tight budget whilst visiting Nepal, you can expect this to be your go to food of the day. The food of Nepal may appear simplistic, but the taste will prove you wrong!

Food of Nepal

4. Thukpa

Traditionally a Tibetan dish, this food of Nepal is typically found in restaurants around Nepal. It’s a noodle soup dish often eaten by the Himalayan people of Nepal. For those sensitive to spice it’s not for you, as the soup is often hot and spicy. Served in a large bowl there will often be a mixture of vegetables and meat mixed in to the dish. It’s a delicious dish that is a good alternative from the traditional Nepali curries. It’s full of fresh ingredients and served piping hot, great fuel after spending a few days on the water!

Food of Nepal

5. Aloo Gobi

If you’re looking for traditional food of Nepal then stop here. Aloo (translated as potatoes) is one of the most common dishes in Nepal. Now i know you must be thinking, what’s so exciting about Aloo? Well, everything. The potatoes are boiled the fried slightly, topped with fresh herbs or mixed into delicious spicy sauces. We can’t get enough of these, they are the perfect snack! Local venders will sell them on the streets and rural stops, locals make them in their homes, so this is one food of Nepal you can’t avoid!

Food of Nepal

As you can tell, our opinion of Nepali food is high. I guess after spending so much time there you come to love the culture, the food and everything else. When you leave you definitely appreciate it and miss it! We are always on the hunt for new Nepali delicacies, so if you have tried foods of Nepal that we don’t know about, let us know!

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