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Out of Office Adventures: Day up Ben Lomand

Another day out of the office and into the Scottish highlands! Janey and I have tried to get up Ben Lomand twice before. The first time I was recovering after a recent operation on my shoulder and didn’t have enough time to get up so we turned down early. The second time we tried it was a terrible weather day. We knew it was going to be hard going but we decide to push ourselves and give it ago any way. Three quarters of the way up the wind was 70mph and the sleet was cutting into our faces we decided to give up for a brighter day. Safe to say this weekend’s experience was way better than the last two attempts combined!

Loch Lomand

Heading Up

After a rainy morning, the clouds started to clear and we headed up the mountain. We had some glorious views of over Loch Lomand. The sun was out and shining at the start and down by the lake there was hardly any wind!

We headed up and it was pretty clear all the way. The walk up Ben Lomand is very simple. Its a very well trodden track that takes you straight upwards. Its pretty much impossible to get lost up here. There weren’t too many other people which was nice. But there’s Not much of a view looking up to the top of Ben Lomand. Just a white haze that you know you’ll have to enter at some point…

Top of Ben Lomand in cloud

… But if when to turned round and looked behind us we were met with this stunning view!

Views of Loch Lomand

We carried on upwards. We entered the cloud layer so lost the stunning views. But made good time to the top.

Cloud cover on top of Ben Lomand Top of Ben Lomand

Heading Down

We highly recommend heading down the back of Ben Lomand. Most people will simply turn around at the top and take a the same way down they came up. But if you head down the back way its way more exciting and spectacular. It is still a simple walk with a well walked path. But in stead of being surrounded by a barran open flat land, you follow a nobly ridge line all the way down. There are a couple places you need to scramble too!

Janey heading down ben Lomand

The Final Push down this side is through a steep and twisty section. The ferns and grasses get over head height in sections and you are thrown into your own little world cut off from the outside.

Final Push down Ben Lomand

Once down, it is a short walk back to the car park that is marked by an elegant sculpture.

View through Sculpture

Ben Lomand is a great walk for anyone who is looking to get into Mountian Walking. A nice and easy hike with spectacular views. We are super happy we finally managed to make our way to the top of Ben Lomand. Its been a long time coming and we can’t wait to explore the other peaks that the Scottish Highlands have to offer!

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