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Out Of Office Adventures: A Weekend in the Yorkshire Dales

Time to put the computers down and turn our phones off, this weekend we spent it camping in the beautiful, Yorkshire Dales with Callum’s family. Packing up our bags and tent it took around 4 hours on the train from Glasgow to the small hamlet of Dent. This beautiful little hamlet is nestled into the surrounding hills of the Yorkshire Dales and we were so excited to explore, spend some time with family and catch up with everyone!

The small hamlet of Dent is like travelling back into English history. Many of the buildings are still the original farming style with beautiful brick, horse mount stairs and cobbled stone streets lined with beautiful window box flowers. It has two pubs, a cafe, an inn and a campsite and the rest is small local houses. There’s also no reception here, which is a really great thing, in my opinion! Having a weekend off of wi-fi let us fully immerse ourselves in the beautiful area, catch up with our family and get inspired by nature!


After a windy and wet night on Friday we woke up to a much more lighter, still day on saturday and after a hearty breakfast, we were ready to take on our walking route of the day. Unlike many who come to Yorkshire Dales to take on the three peak challenge, we were happy with one mountain. We opted to climb Whernside, the highest peak in the Yorkshire Dales. Standing at 736m it’s a relatively large mountain for England. Of course we didn’t take the classic route up, we took our map and found a loop walk to the top and down another way from Dent.

We covered all sorts of terrain from road walking to boggy marshland and although there were no views at the top, it was still an epic day. I got to practice a lot of map skills and navigating in poor visibility. Before we climbed into the cloud the countryside views were lovely. Littered with old abandoned houses, ancient walls and plenty of stunning rivers and waterfalls, it didn’t matter that the weather was a little grey! The route to the top was a gentle one with a few sections of steep incline but making it to the top after hours of walking was still cause for celebration!

Top of Wherneside

To get down, instead of following the road we took a scenic route. This took us through farmland, crossed a lot of rivers and passed by some gorgeous abandoned farmland buildings. The valley views on the way down were gorgeous the weather was beginning to clear, the sun even poked out a little bit! Off the farmland on onto the road we picked up the pace as we realised that the local shop would be closing soon, the only source of food if we wanted a BBQ and no one was up for sandwiches again!

Yorkshire Dales

A total of twenty six thousand steps walked in six hours, we were back at the campsite and the sausages were sizzling away. Tonight we indulged in snacks, BBQ food, good conversation and a little too much wine. But it was very well deserved after summiting the tallest peak in the Yorkshire Dales – Whernside!


Sunday was another full day, we weren’t booked to leave until 8pm but the overindulgent previous night hit us all with a bang and the idea of a second hill climb was not met with a cheer – or any kind of noise ha! Instead we packed up the campsite and headed to Ingleborough in search of caves!

Ingleborough caves were open to the public in 1837 and have been operating tours since then! This beautiful limestone cave is filled with stalagmites and stalactite some of which are tens of thousands of years old! Getting deep into this cave with our guide was awesome and there is a spectacular display of rock formations and how the water has carved through the limestone. From here we continued to wander away from the cave and towards Gaping Ghyll. Gaping Ghyll was a few miles from the cave and took us through a mighty gorge which had once been carved out by a river and up towards this incredible hole in the ground. This hole was formed by the water eroding the limestone and it drops into a cavern 100m below. Today the river was high and pumping water below the ground and it was a spectacular scene to see! Well worth the hike to get here and to be honest, i think the hike was helping everyone’s hangover!

Back down we explored more of the surrounding scenery and took our time before dropping back into the hamlet of Ingleborough. With only a few hours until our we couldn’t leave without a good English pub meal! And wow the portions were gigantic! After dinner, a small walk to see the viaduct and back it was time to jump on the train and head home.

The whole weekend was great and it gave Callum and I the chance to disconnect from the internet, shut off our phones and really get inspired by what’s around us and catch up with our family. We think this is so important and while this might only be a small weekend adventure, it’s got us to think back on the reasons why we started River and Soul Adventures.

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