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Rivers of Nepal

The rivers of Nepal all have very unique characteristics. From the raging torrents of the Karnali to the peaceful tranquility on the Lower Seti. Although its a 3rd world country, Nepal is the second richest country in the world in terms of fresh water supply. There over 6000 rivers nation-wide. This coupled with the world's tallest mountains means that the rivers of Nepal create the world's best white water rafting and kayaking destination.

Below is a list of several main rivers upon which we operate. Some are half day roller-coaster rides while others are multi day expedition style. We have put this section together to give you a good idea of what the different rivers of Nepal are like. Click on the images below to find out more about each river!

Beginner Rivers of Nepal


1 or 2 Day - (Grade 3)
The heart of Himalayan rafting. The Trisuli provides fun bouncing waves, flat water chill outs, and rapids that can pack a punch

Lower Seti

2 Day (Grade 2 - 3)

A two day chill out in a stunning canyon with warm water, big bouncy waves, and awesome beaches

Advanced Rivers of Nepal

Upper Seti

½ Day - (Grade 3 - 4)

Half day roller-coaster of whitewater action at the base of the Annapurna Mountains


2 Day - (Grade 4 - 5)
One of Nepal's more extreme rivers, you can be sure to get a rush off this one!

Kali Gandaki

3 Day - (Grade 3 - 4)
Jade green waters, brilliant beaches, and big rapids are what you'll expect to find as you make your way down a stunning canyon

Expedition Rivers of Nepal


8 Day - (Grade low 4, some 5)
Located in the wild west of Nepal, the Karnali is one of Nepal's largest and most famus rivers. Its an expedition to get to this river, let alone the river itself!

Sun Koshi

8 Day (Grade 3, some 4 - 5)
The River of Gold has been described as one of the best rafting trips in the world by Lonely Planet. Would you want to miss out on that?!

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