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Kali Gandaki

Named after “Kali” the goddess of destruction, the Kali Gandaki is said to be one of Nepal’s most holy rivers. This raging torrent is definitely a River and Soul all time favourite!

The Kali Gandaki river is a 3 day expedition on one of the most exciting commercially rafting rivers in Nepal. There is something for everyone on this fantastic journey starting with some mighty class 4 rapids and finishing in a calm jade waters.

The river originates from the Mustang province, which is situated on a high plateau bordering with Tibet. The Kali Gandaki boasts one of the deepest gorges in the world as it carves its way between Dhaulagiri (8167 metres) and Annapurna (8091 metres). These Himalayan mountains provide some of the worlds best glacial run off that make for big volume white water fun that is a truly a fantastic experience for white water Rafting and Kayaking alike!

River Description

You will raft a 3 day section of the Kali Gandaki. It is a 3 hour drive from Pokhara to the 'Get on Point' for the river at Baglung Pul. Once we arrive, the group will have a quick lunch as the guides get the raft and the kit ready. After a Safety Brief its time to get on the river! There's a little time to warm up, and then you are thrown into the first major rapids on the river 'Big Brother' and 'Little Brother'. These set the pace for the rest of the trip! The first day is full of the thrills of big water boating - big waves, big holes, and all set an a stunning jungle gorge. At the end of the day we set up camp on a stunning white beach on the river side. Spend the evening sitting round a fire, sharing stories of the day, and having beer under the stars.

The next morning we wake up to the smell of a cooked breakfast - hopefully pancakes! Pack up camp and get on the water and fall immediately the first rapid of the day - 'Morning Glory'. This major rapid will give you the wake up call you need to start the day and face the rapids to come! This day is action-packed with dozens of rapids, the Kali Gandaki is know for 60 rapids in 60km! The majority of these are grade 3 with some awesome grade 4 thrown in. Again, at the end of the day we'll make camp on a beautiful river beach gazing up at the stars. If your kind to the guides they might even make you popcorn!

The final day is more chilled out. We'll get up and pack up camp after a cooked breakfast before heading out on the water. There are some fun grade 2 and 3 rapids to start the day off. These will die out as we head onto a jade green reservoir above the dam. Here we can have a swim, play games, learn to guide or just chill in the sun. At the dam we'll get off the water, have lunch and pack the gear up before we make our way back to Pokhara. The drive to Pokhara usually takes around 4 hours.

With exciting white water rapids, spectacular mountain views, traditional villages, endless suspension bridges, waterfalls, pristine jungle rich in wildlife, deep gorges, cultural temples and beautiful white sandy beaches for camping under the stars, we consider this to be the best all round river adventure in Nepal. This is a great river to build up to on a multi-river trip.

Kali Gandaki White Water Raftign

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River Info

Class: -IV / IV

Duration: 3 days

Journey to the river: 3 hour drive from Pokhara.

Rafting From: Baglung Pul

Rafting To: Marmim (the Dam)

Returns: 5 hour drive back to Pokhara

Best season: Sept-Nov or end of April - June

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