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Lower Seti

Lower Seti is one of the most majestic rivers in Nepal is the . The river will take you through stunning jungle among mountains, offers up warm waters as well as playful, bouncy rapids. The waves may not be as crazy as others which makes it a great river for the beginner paddler but still exciting enough for the experienced. The Lower Seti can be ran on a short, 2 day expedition. It’s easily accessible from Pokhara and is a great alternative to the Kali Gandaki if you’re short on time and it takes you away from the crowds of the popular Trisuli River.

The Seti Khola, meaning White River, has two parts: Upper and Lower. The Upper Seti (described seperatly in this article) runs off the South East slopes of Machapuchare (aka Fishtail Mountain for the tourists) and flows down to Pokhara where it is dammed for Hydroelectric Power before naturally disappearing below the city and re-appearing 16km away. The Lower Section then meanders its way east before joining the Trisuli and heading south to India.

The Lower Seti is a fun, easy, scenic tour though Nepal’s mid-mountain ranges. Having deposited many of the minerals in its underground Journey through Pokhara it becomes a beautiful blue-green. We join the river about 1 hour east of Pokhara as it passes through distinct scenic areas offering a good variety of Nepal’s land-scapes: local villages, terraced rice fields, waterfalls, suspension bridges, jungle rich with wildlife and a beautiful white sandy beach for camping under the stars.

With warm waters and grade 3 rapids the Lower Seti is a great introduction to white-water or a chilled out cruise for the more experienced paddler – great for one of the starting rivers on a multi-river trip.

Upper Vs Lower: Which is better?

There is no real answer here - it is all about what you are looking for.

The Upper Seti is action pumped. Constant white water rapids that are tight and technical. It will always give you a rush to get on this river! It is very close to Pokhara and being only a half day makes this section of river very popular. You will almost defiantly encounter others using the river. The bonus about been short and sweet means that you get a nice bed afterwards and a chance to party in Pokhara's Lakeside afterwards!

The Lower Seti is far more chilled. Warm waters, wide rivers, and big bouncy waves are to be expected on this river. A great 2 day river trip which gives you a bit of everything. Amazing scenery, jungle corridors, overnight beach camping, flat sections to relax in and fun rapids to play on.

Whitewater rafting on the Lower seti

River Info

Class: II-III

Duration: 2 days

Journey to the river: 3 hour bus journey from Kathmandu, 1 hour from Pokhara.

Rafting From: Damaulit

Rafting To: Gaighat

Camping: In the 'Jungle Corridor'

Returns: Optional transfers to Pokhara (2 hour drive) or Kathmandu (4 hour drive)

Best season: Sept-Nov or end of April - June

Best Memory on this River

" It had been a crazy day! During monsoon season the Lower Seti river turns a thick brown instead of its usual white. The Lower Seti is usually run over 2 days (including 5 hours of driving) we are doing it in 1 day. The river is crazy high and super fun! Giant wave trains have been consuming us all day, and we've been watching out the for big holes. We've been avoiding the holes because of they would defiantly eat and flip the raft!

We've had an amazing day, everyone has smiles on their faces and Prashant, the guide, has been fantastic! Now Prashant gives us a quick talking over the next rapid.  He says "Its gona be  a tricky one. Hold on tight and have quick reactions to my commands!" We all gear ourselves up waiting for it.

We make our way through some grade 2 chop and approach a horizon line. We get to the lip and suddenly look down into a gigantic thundering hole! Prashant has slightly misjudged our position and we are right on the corner of the hole! 2 meters to our left and we would have been clear. We drop into it, leaving our stomachs behind. As the raft crashes into the foam pile it is flipped up on its side and dump trucks everyone but Suman (our trainee guide) into the murky water. The last thing I see before being flung into the water are my and Prashant's feet high in the air!

Falling head over heals out of a whitewater raft.
Fortunately Prashant and I had kept hold of the life line on the side of the raft. We surfaced quickly. The raft hadn't capsized - only flipped up on edge and then back down. We were able to quickly get ourselves back on the raft and then scoop up everyone else on board, all with beaming smiles as to what had just happened! There was only one paddle that we had to chase for a little while to get back... "

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