Upper Seti

The Seti Khola, meaning White River, has two parts: Upper Seti and Lower Seti. The Upper Seti section runs off the South East slopes of Machapuchare (aka Fishtail Mountain for the tourists) and enters a beautiful gorge decorated with a suspension bridge and prayer flags. As it flows down to Pokhara it becomes dammed for Hydroelectric Power before naturally disappearing below the city and re-appearing 16km away. The Lower Seti section then meanders its way east before joining the Trisuli and heading south to India.

The Upper Seti is located 30 minutes north of Pokhara’s Lakeside. This short and sweet adventure offers 1 and a half hours of non-stop class 3 & 4 rapids with a stunning backdrop of the Annapurna mountain range as you paddle your way down. All the light coloured sediment in the river and the white water rapids makes this river quite possibly the whitest river in the world - a pretty good name sake.

Being so close to Pokhara, the Upper Seti is a classic run for the local dirtbag paddler. It is great for playing in a kayak or a raft! The river provides everything you need to practice and increase your paddling skills and provide that rush everyone craves. This short and sweet river will have you begging to do a second and third lap!

The Upper Upper Seti

The higher up the river you go the steeper and more technical it becomes. The river becomes too small for a raft above the commercial put in and so is only runnable in kayaks. Plus the access becomes far more difficult due to the poor quality of roads. If you go off on your own into the "Upper Upper" sections of the river then you could make it a multi day expedition. But the Upper Upper is only for the advanced white water kayaker. There are water falls, grade 5 rapids and technical manoeuvres required.

Upper Vs Lower: Which is better?

There is no real answer here - it is all about what you are looking for.

The Upper Seti is action pumped. Constant white water rapids that are tight and technical. It will always give you a rush to get on this river! It is very close to Pokhara and being only a half day makes this section of river very popular. You will almost defiantly encounter others using the river. The bonus about been short and sweet means that you get a nice bed afterwards and a chance to party in Pokhara's Lakeside afterwards!

The Lower Seti is far more chilled. Warm waters, wide rivers, and big bouncy waves are to be expected on this river. A great 2 day river trip which gives you a bit of everything. Amazing scenery, jungle corridors, overnight beach camping, flat sections to relax in and fun rapids to play on.

Whitewater Rafting with the Annapurna Mountians

River Info

Class: III - IV

Duration: Half day. 90 minutes adventure ride!

Journey to the river: 30 minute drive from Pokhara

Rafting From: Bamboo Bridge

Rafting To: The Dam

Camping: None, this is a half day thrill ride!

Return: 20 minute drive back to Pokhara

Best season: October – June

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