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Out of Office Adventures: A Birthday celebrated outdoors.

From the office to the mountains in three and half hours! And, with daylight still in the horizon.

This weekend it was River and Soul Adventures own director and guides birthday! To celebrate in true Callum style, we packed our bags, hired a car and hit the road. Leaving the office behind, the laptops at home and the phones out of signal it was a rare weekend work break! Which we felt, was very well deserved. Now experiencing our Monday Blues, we realize the only cure is to share a little insight into our weekend adventures with you guys! Maybe it will help your Monday blues and inspire you.

The Lake District is a beautiful part of the UK located close to the Scottish Border offering good hill-walking and perfect English town charm. Our campsite for the weekend was in Coniston, a very small town not built for the traffic it gets. Nestled on the edge of Coniston Water with views of the mighty Old Man Coniston nearby. Our place for the weekend was simple, chill on Friday night with friends and a bonfire. Climb Old Man Coniston on Saturday with a BBQ in the evening. Sunday was reserved for packing down, hanging out and exploring the nearby town of Windemere and the beautiful Lake.
Doesn’t that sound pretty idyllic?

Weekend Adventures

The weekend adventure started once we woke on Saturday morning. Up bright and early with no alarm is the best way to wake up and one in which is a rarity these days! After making eggs for breakfast we quickly packed our day bags, made some lunch, mapped the route and grabbed a camera and began walking up, up, up! Old Man Coniston stands at 803 meters high. A pretty tall mountain to climb, especially in 27-degree heat! Embracing the heat, we anticipated it would take our group around 4 hours to summit. Smashing it to the summit an hour and a half earlier than planned we enjoyed the panoramic 360 degree views and cheered to an epic weekend adventure!

Making our way slowly back down, it was time to cool off in the crystal clear mountain lake. Found about three quarters of the way up the mountain, it is a quiet piece of tranquility. The lake is so clear you could see the plants growing on the bottom, little newts crawling and the rocks below. Thanks to the multi-day heatwave we were having, the water had warmed from a sharp icy cold to a manageable. If not welcoming, cool down temperature. We all got in the water for well needed swim, cool down and cliff jump! Of course!

Weekend Adventures

Looks absolutely stunning right?

Back down and into the pub.Because a cool beer at the end of a hot hike is a necessity, don’t you agree? Laughing and joking, sharing stories and some of the group in sheer shock they made it up and down. We were all on a high!

Back at the campsite the hunger kicked in. The BBQs were lit, sausages sizzled and we tucked into a feast of champions. Because, really that’s who we were at this moment!

Sitting around the bonfire, there were no phones, no worries of work (or thoughts of it at all to be honest) or distractions. Just sheer weekend vibes, adventure memories, good friends and real conversations flowing. It really brought us back to the ground and reminded us how important a good work life balance is. It’s so easy to be swept up in the busyness of work. But getting outside, away from screens and distractions is so fulfilling! We woke up on Sunday feeling recharged!

Saturday was the active day, Sunday was for recharging. Spending most of the morning taking down our campsite, cleaning up and ensuring we left no trace behind. We then hopped in the car and headed to Lake Windemere. The biggest lake in the area at 14.8 square kilometers it was beautifully blue and splattered with sail boats. Everyone was out enjoying the sunshine. After wandering around the lake, chilling out on the grass by the shore, searching for ice cream and checking out the kayaking shop (of course). It was time to say goodbye to the Lake District and head back to the city.

Weekend Adventures

The weekend was so special to us. Filled with adventure, good friends and no distractions it was a rare weekend off work and we were truly in our minds wild. It reinforced our belief of how important a work life balance is. Getting outside, leaving distractions at home can have you coming back recharged and ready for a new week!

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