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What Is Comfortable Adventure?

Adventure’s meaning is described as “an unusual, exciting and possibly dangerous activity.” Comfortable is often described as something which is done at ease, causing minimal physical strain. It is rare that adventure and comfortable go together in a sentence. But at River and Soul Adventures, we are creating a new type of holiday. A comfortable adventure!

Comfortable adventure holidays bridge the gap between rough, raw adventure and luxury. So you can have all the thrills and unique experiences of Adventure, with the joys of luxury thrown in. That means super relaxing beds, beautiful hotels, story worthy adventures, delicious food, etc.. To help break it down, here’s what exactly we mean by comfortable adventure tours in Nepal.

Public Transport vs. Private Transport.

Public transport is great until it breaks down, the air con stops working, it’s overcrowded and you find yourself sitting with a chicken on your lap. Yep, we are not joking, these are just a few of our hilarious stories. After a few of these experiences public transport no longer becomes appealing. So rejoice! On all River and Soul Adventures tours we offer private transport, with working air conditioning and no chickens next to you! They say in Nepal you get two types of drivers: Old drivers and Crazy drivers, but you don’t get old crazy drivers. We have the best of the best drivers. They are not crazy drivers, speak fluent English and are happy to take music requests on long stretches. Comfortable Adventure starts with the travel, Private transport is more comfortable than public. And if that is the difference between a good day and a bad day, we always aim for the good day.
The winner: Private Transport!

Comfortable Adventure Private Transport

Hostels vs. Hotels.

Do you remember your first adventure travel? Backpack on, ticket booked and limited funds so you probably ended up staying in hostels all over the world. They were great to meet people and cheap, you could cook your own food and it meant more money for beer and excursions. But remember the 16+ dorm rooms? Full of smelly socks, loud snorers and the odd intimate couple. Thankfully we don’t have any hostels on our tours, we are a tour after all, so if you’re travelling alone, there will be people for you to meet. But whenever you want you can go back to your own room in a hotel. Not just any hotel, comfortable and luxury 3 star+ hotels. Enjoy the comforts of home with a large bed, warm shower and some added extras you don’t get at home. Such as a panoramic window view of the Himalaya’s in the morning. Come down to friendly staff, delicious cooked and fresh breakfast and don’t worry about the washing up. Comfortable Adventure with River and Soul Adventures takes your sleep, privacy and expectations seriously. No hostels here, only the best and beautiful hotels for you!
The Winner: Hotels!

Hotels in Nepal Comfortable Adventure

Sandwiches vs. Fresh Meals.

There’s nothing better than beaching up, sitting down or popping the lid to the lunch you’ve been waiting for after a morning of activity. But lets be honest, when you see small squished sandwiches and a basic packed lunch it isn’t super inspiring. Nepal isn’t really known for it’s sandwiches so you’ll be glad to hear your lunches where ever we are, will be more impressive than a squished sandwich (unless that’s what you want). You can expect fresh cooked food, vegetables and fruits. Warm cooked meals, momos, samosas, classic Dal Baht and more! All dietary requirements are catered for and we make sure that everyone is happy when they glimpse the meal on offer, disappointment is not in our vocabulary. Our comfortable adventure means good food. We want to tingle your taste buds and get you eating like the locals and experiencing the tastes of Nepal. In all the good ways!
The Winner: Fresh Meals!

Fresh Food Served on Comfortable Adventure Tours

Soft Drinks vs. Stronger Drinks.

Comfortable adventure to us means enjoying the luxuries you would enjoy at home, with us. So if that’s sitting taking in the sunset with a gin and tonic, or ending the night we’ve got you covered. Our river trips and expeditions push us out of our comfort zones and can push us so at the end of the day it’s good to unwind. We will offer up a treat of a stronger drink on most nights, or for those who choose soft drinks, maybe some luxury hot chocolates, fresh orange juice and more. Our comfortable adventure is here to add those special touches and for many of us, a surprise glass of wine around the bonfire or while stargazing, is pretty damn good.
The Winner: Whatever tickles your fancy.

Comfortable Adventure Drinks

Large Tours vs. Small Group Travel.

Have you ever experienced the craziness of a coach tour? There’s too many of you to count and one tour guide with a crazy flag you can only just see in the distance. You’re being shown these amazing sights but can you hear the guide from the back of the group? Nope. Lets not sugarcoat it, these kind of tours seem appealing but by the end you come away stressed, disappointed and with too many bobbing heads in photos. Our comfortable adventure means no groups of more than 15 maximum! Our average comfortable adventure tours have 10 people on them, you’ll always be able to hear the tales, stories and history from your guide at the places we visit. There’s no waiting in queues to get in to the small rooms of ancient sights, we all travel, experience and learn together. Get a more intimate and unique experience on a small group adventure tour and get rid of the follow the flag guides.
The Winner: Small Group Travel

Small Groups Only on our comfortable adventures

Non Personalized vs. Personal Tours.

There is nothing better than someone remembering your name, and nothing worse when they don’t. Comfortable adventure means personalizing each adventure. The lead guides not only know your name but the hotel staff, our day guides and our rafting guides do as well. We may come up with nicknames for you along the way, just for the fun of it! If you’re travelling on your birthday, for a special event or with some friends you haven’t seen in years, we’ll remember it and celebrate that with you just to make the tour extra special. There are so many ways we can personalize your comfortable adventure and we do this to make it extra special and a trip of a lifetime!
Winner: Personal Tours

Local Guided Only vs. Western & Local Guides.

Guides are a huge part of your tour, they are here to make your experience as memorable as possible. Guide you to the best choices for food, drink and extra activities. So we want to make sure that our comfortable adventures have the best guides possible! So rather than put our tours together in the UK and then send you out with only local guides when you get there, we have western and local guides. Bridging the gap of the two cultures and offering lead guides that will be with you throughout your journey means someone from River and Soul Adventures is always on hand when you need them. We don’t take jobs away from the locals, we hire them to give you the best information on our day tours around Kathmandu. They are our amazing drivers, raft guides and safety kayakers as well. Comfortable adventure to us, means being comfortable on tour itself and with the people leading you. We love our local guides but the added extra of introducing western guides adds an added luxury to our adventure tours that no one else does!
Winner: Western & Local Guides

western and local guides on our comfortable advetures

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