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White Water Kayaking in Nepal

The rivers of Nepal offer some of the greatest white water kayaking in the world. Mix that with the expedition trips and you’ve got a playground built for whitewater lovers. White water kayaking in Nepal requires a slightly different level of ability than what you do in smaller rivers. The rivers of Nepal are mighty and hold high volumes of water. Which make big waves, exciting boulder gardens and big holes! If you’re already a keen white water kayaker, you don’t need us to tell you that white water kayaking in Nepal is the dream!

Do I Need Experience to Kayak in Nepal?

Yes and No.

White water kayaking in Nepal is not just reserved for the experienced and advanced. If you’re new to white water kayaking, Nepal is a fantastic place to learn! In addition to the advanced white water rivers, the rivers of Nepal can be pleasant, calm and in some places, flat. This makes excellent places to learn about the river and how to kayak. As well as offering kayaking trips in Nepal we can take you on a safe, multi-day learn to kayak course where you’ll learn to read the white water like a book, work on your roll and hone those whitewater skills needed for the rivers of nepal. By the end of the you course you’ll be ready and confident to take on introductory rivers such as the Trisuli and Lower Seti!

If you’re planning to join a Tour with us and you want to kayak, then yes you will need previous kayaking experience. Many of the rivers we run will have rapids that range from a calm grade 2 right through to a wild grade 4+/5. So we cannot take any chances and will ask you pre-requisite questions before you book a kayak. White water kayaking in Nepal is an incredible way to get into the wilds, really explore the rivers and become close to nature. If you can kayak, we highly recommend you do it. If it gets too much, there’s always space to hop in the raft!

There will also be a chance on most trips for beginners and advanced kayakers to have a shot in a kayak if you want. Normally on the flat sections or once we beach up for the day. This is great for beginner kayakers and those just looking to show off their tricks.

White water kayaking in Nepal

Why Nepal?

White water kayaking in Nepal is all about multi day expedition kayaking. This means being on the river for two or more days at a time. There are a couple rivers that offer half day or single day trips such as the Trisuli or Upper Seti. But most last for more than two days. River and Soul operates on the best rivers: Lower Seti, Kali Gandaki, Marshyangdi, Sun Koshi and Karnali.

There is something for everyone looking for white water in Nepal! For beginners there are big warm rivers, with plenty of flat sections to practice your kayaking skills, smooth waves and fun rapids. For people looking for a bit more adrenaline, there are rivers that require lots of energy, quick reactions and crazy rapids!

Expedition white water kayaking in Nepal is completely different to white water kayaking found elsewhere in the world. Most of the kayaking in Europe and North America lasts merely for a couple hours. In Nepal you can be traveling down the same river for up to 9 days! This is a surreal experience. Imagine navigating down remote stretches of river, in a landscape that is rarely seen by outsiders. Then at the end of the day you get to rest and relax on a river beach. You’ll cook tasty food and a campfire, recall the day’s stories and excitedly anticipating the next. Getting away from the modern technology and interacting with one another naturally. Then you get to do it all again the next day!

Nepal has some of the best and most dramatic scenery in the world and this is best seen from a kayak. So whether your an advanced kayaker planning to take on a 9 day river or a beginner taking on their first 2 day kayaking expedition. White water kayaking in Nepal is for everyone!

Will I Be Kayaking Alone?

Simply put, no. Not just because our tours only run with the minimum numbers met but also we have safety kayakers on all of our tours. White water kayaking in Nepal is different than anywhere else in the world. For that reason, we employ at least two safety kayakers to run the river with us. They will show you the lines, help you if you encounter any problems and keep you company down the rivers of Nepal.

It’s not just the safety kayakers on the river with you, if you’re expedition kayaking there will be a pack raft coming down the river with all the equipment, food, shelter and more on it. Not only that but most of our tours will run with a mixture of kayakers and rafters, so yes, you may be the only client kayaking. But you’re fellow white water rafting paddlers wont be far behind on the raft!

Adventure is more fun when shared anyway, so why would you want to kayak the rivers of Nepal alone?
Chilling out on a whitewater rafting expedition

So whatever skill level you’re at, if you want to experience white water kayaking in Nepal it’s not just possible. But it’s the best place in the world to do it. White water kayaking in Nepal will change your life, take you into the deep wilderness and truly connect you with the soul of Nepal. So what are you waiting for?

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