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White Water Rafting in Nepal

White water rafting in Nepal is some of the best rafting in the world! With world class rapids in the tallest mountain range on earth, there is nothing not to love white water rafting here. From half day sessions to full 10 day expeditions, Nepal has something for everyone.

Rivers of Nepal: White water Rafting in Nepal

What is White water Rafting?

A white water raft is a big inflatable boat. They typically sit 6 or 8 clients plus a guide. Working together as a team, you paddle the raft down a river and navigate rapids. Your guide will shout simple commands such as “Paddle forwards”, “Paddle Backwards”, or “Hold on!”. All you have to do is follow their simple commands and hopefully you’ll come out the other side not too wet! Pretty simple really.

We like to think of white water rafting as the ultimate bragging rights sport. There are plenty of extreme sports. But almost all of them require the participant to have a high level of skill to be able to go on the hardest routes. White water rafting is different. It is a team sport that requires only the guide to have a high level of skill. The rest of the team can be complete novices because they just need to be able to follow simple instructions and provide the driving momentum. This means that beginners, even someone who has never rafted before, can still go down some of the most adrenaline rushing rapids in the world! Claiming your bragging rights with minimal effort!

Extreme white water rafting in Nepal on the Sun Koshi

Why Nepal?

White water rafting in Nepal is all about multi day expedition rafting. This means being on the river for two or more days at a time. There are a couple rivers that offer half day or single day trips such as the Trisuli or Upper Seti. But most last for more than two days. River and Soul operates on the best rivers: Lower Seti, Kali Gandaki, Marshyangdi, Sun Koshi and Karnali.

Expedition white water rafting in Nepal is completely different to the white water rafting found elsewhere in the world. Most of the rafting in Europe and North America lasts merely for a couple hours. In Nepal can be traveling down the same river for up to 9 days! This is a surreal experience. Imagine working as a team with friends to navigate down remote stretches of river, in a landscape that is rarely seen from the outside world. Then at the end of the day you get to rest and relax on a river beach with tasty food and a campfire, recalling the day’s stories and excitedly anticipating the next. Getting away from the modern technology and just interacting with one another naturally. Then you get to do it all again the next day!

Whitewater rafting in Nepal on the Lower seti

There is something for everyone in Nepal too! For beginners there are big warm rivers, with plenty of flat sections to play in and big bouncy waves to get your excited in a raft. For people looking for a bit more adrenaline, there are rivers that require lots of energy, quick reactions to commands and rapids that can simply scare you witless!

Tour members sitting around a campfire on a river beach

Being on the river for long periods of time means you have to be self sufficient. You will need a big team to help support you along the way. On all River and Soul tours, we have a ‘kit raft’ which helps carry all your tenting equipment, food, and the much craved beer box! We also use plenty of safety kayaks to help keep you safe and entertained!

White water rafting Nepal - Kit raft and kayak

Rafts are big inflatable boats. This means they are big enough to chill out and relax on when crossing calmer waters. Even get sunbathing if there is time! You will also have some chance to try out different skills. Why not ask to have a go in a kayak or on the kit raft when chilling on the flat water? Just ask your guide and I’m sure they’ll give you a chance!

We believe white water rafting in Nepal is the best extreme sport there is. It has something for everyone from high adrenaline and plenty of chilling out.


  1. Mikkel on 17/08/2018 at 1:21 pm

    I never would have thought to do white water rafting in Nepal! Thanks for the idea!

    • Callum Morrison on 17/08/2018 at 5:45 pm

      Yeah! Whitewater Rafting is our most favourite thing to do in Nepal! Have you checked out our tours?

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