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Nepal’s Whitewater will lead you to it’s Culture

Arguably the most mountainous country in the world, Nepal is home to the tallest mountains of them all, Everest and the mighty Himalayas! Mountains may make for good hiking, but they make for even better Whitewater! Nepal is filled with mazes of rivers which offer the best expedition Whitewater adventures in the world, with over six thousand rivers to choose from it’s surprising to see the rivers so quiet when you get there. Insert River and Soul Adventures. Founded by a keen kayaker and a pro traveler they are taking people with, not only a passion for paddling, but an interest in getting ‘off the beaten track’ (as they say) to Nepal where you’ll not only have adventure, but you’ll be immersed in the culture as well.

The Best of Both Tour is their signature tour. Paddle two rivers, the famous Trisuli, arguably the home of white water rafting. The Trisuli river acts as a nice warm up after a long flight, here you’ll get your first taste of the river (hopefully not literally) and experience the immense size and power of the water that runs through the landscape of Nepal. After tearing through easy rapids it’s time for the show to really start. The mighty Kali Gandaki, translating roughly to ‘The River of Destruction’, by name alone is bound to get your blood pumping and your fingers reaching for your paddle! You’ll be on this river for a three-day expedition, accommodation will be comfortable tents on secluded, white pristine river beaches and if you’re lucky the local ‘man with the basket bar’ will come down to offer out beers (at a price, of course). When paddling the Kali Gandaki expect the majority of rapids to be a comfortable Grade 3 but don’t get too comfy in that kayak (or raft), just around the corner you’ll have some gnarly Grade 4 rapids that might require some scouting! Fun for both beginners and advanced Whitewater lovers The Best of Both Tour is definitely not for those looking for an easy ride.

River and Soul Adventures Best of Both Tour

You can’t deny that all that paddling is incredible. From landing into Kathmandu by the seventh day you will have spent five of those on the water!

So, you’ve paddled the rivers, but where is the culture?

You’ve just spent five days paddling the rivers, not just with River and Soul Adventures, but with the local Nepalese guides they employ as raft and kayak guides. The guides know the rivers like the back of their hands, know all the folk tales and many of them come from incredibly tiny, rural places within Nepal away from the cities. Not only will they take you down the best and most wild lines on the rivers, but they will share stories, food and beer with you.

River and Soul Adventures

The culture is a fundamental part of River and Soul Adventures. By employing local guides instead of bringing in foreign ones they are putting work back into the communities they visit as well as immediately introducing their clients to the people of Nepal.

After paddling two rivers on a five-day expedition it’s time for some rest and relaxation. When travelling with River and Soul Adventures that means heading into the rural communities of Nepal. Here you will be welcomed into the local’s homes with open arms, here you will sleep, eat and swap stories. The locals are always curious and although they will fire questions as well as more food and tea at you, they are just as eager to share their stories with you too! It’s high up in this mountain top village where the clients are really immersed in the beautiful country of Nepal and it’s here that you feel the soul of Nepal in full force.

River and Soul Adventures Best of Both Tour

Paddling Nepal’s best rivers, getting away from the crowds and really feeling the soul of the country is what you get when you join The Best of Both Tour with River and Soul Adventures. Whether you’re an experienced paddler, adventure seeker, culture lover or just up for trying something new, these guys are who you should call for an adventure of a lifetime.

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