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Five Reasons to go Whitewater Rafting in Nepal

Whitewater rafting in Nepal, it isn’t always the first adventure activity you think of when you think of Nepal. Trekking is super popular in Nepal, it’s well promoted, easily accessible and open to pretty much everyone. So why whitewater rafting? We will give you some wicked reasons in a minute but first you should know, whitewater rafting is way better than hiking. It may not be as advertised as hiking, but that just makes it better. Get away from the crowds, get into the wilds and well, we’ll stop selling it now. Instead give you our best five reasons to go whitewater rafting in Nepal!

1. Leave the tourists behind

There’s no queues on the water, no follow the leader and no single file. Here on the water it’s just your group, your guide, a few locals and the wildlife! Nepal is a country that attracts the adventurous person to the country in the first place. Hiking into the amazing mountains may sound appealing, but the reality of the traffic jams, single files and high numbers of tourists don’t give you the quiet, adventurous experience you were hoping for. But rafting the rivers of Nepal, that does! Wave goodbye to the tourists and traffic as you hop in the raft and take to the river. Wind your way into the wilds and find your true adventure by whitewater rafting in Nepal.

whitewater rafting in Nepal

2. Spot the Wildlife

You might think that a white water rafting tour would mean your views would be rivers and trees. Wrong. The rivers of Nepal start high and end low, that means the wildlife changes along the way. From birds, buffalo and monkeys to the mighty Elephants. There’s no telling what you’ll pass whilst on the raft. Most of the rivers we travel whilst white water rafting in Nepal, you can expect beautiful birds, cheeky monkeys and buffalo! Our sharp eyed guides will be on the look out for all wildlife. So while you focus on the thrills of the white water you’ll know that you wont miss a wildlife moment with your sharp eyed guides on the lookout.

Whitewater rafting and wildlife

3. It’s More Thrilling Than Hiking

Whitewater Rafting in Nepal offers relaxing rivers with a few bumps, to washing machine style rapids. All rivers come with great views, great laughs and so many stories. From the river there will be opportunities to cliff jump, explore the shore, walk into tiny rural villages and get a real glimpse into the true wilds. Whitewater Rafting in Nepal is for everyone, every skill level and all fitness types. If you’re a team player, up for a thrilling adventure, pushing yourself and really immersing yourself in Nepal’s culture then you’ll have the time of your life!

Whitewater Rafting in Nepal

4. Come Alone, Leave as a Team

Adventure Tours are designed to take those travelling alone and help them meet an epic collection of like minded people from all over the world. You may come alone, but after you’ve gone on a white water rafting tour of Nepal you’ll leave with a team! You might be sitting with people that you wouldn’t cross paths with back home, but now you are all there for a thrilling adventure. Whitewater rafting in Nepal will offer you more than thrills, it will give you friends for life, all over the world. And that, is priceless!

whitewater rafting in nepal team!

5. It’s more than just whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting in Nepal is fun, thrilling and adventurous but it’s not the only thing your doing. While you ride the rapids of the rivers of Nepal, you get in touch with the culture of Nepal. Exchanging stories with your guides and crew, you’ll find out some of them grew up on the banks and first learnt to kayak using a bag full of bottles and flip flops. They’ll take you to the smallest rural villages that speak no English for a nice cup of authentic Chiya (tea). You’ll also experience more of Nepal than just the river, your drives (or flights) in and out of the put in/out point will offer breathtaking scenery and in some cases, the Himalayas. On every whitewater rafting tour in Nepal we run you will also get out to explore the historical and bustling city of Kathmandu. Learn about the ancient heritage, religions and cultures. So you might be coming here in search of a thrilling adventure, but you’ll leave with so much more than that.

Whitewater rafting in Nepal and Culture

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